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Show 81: How to Manage Facebook Marketing.  As Facebook is once again criticised for pushing businesses towards paid advertising, Liz Weston of Weston Communications shares some practical tips on how to use both paid and free services to make sales.

Future Proof Your Digital Marketing

Guest presenters Anna Lawlor and Anna Marsden of Social i Media take over the show for 12 episodes (Shows 68 - 80) bringing their own brand of exciting interviews as they explore the cutting-edge themes and trends dominating the challenging social media marketing landscape, helping marketers strategize within this fast-evolving environment, complimented by their high profile appointment as Commissioning Editor for The Guardian’s latest Social Media Marketing hub, in association with Adobe.

Show 80: Future proofing your business is the last in the 12 week series brought to you from Anna Lawlor and Anna Marsden. Anna and Anna discuss how social technology can bring daily time efficiencies and what apps in particular they like to use.

Show 79: The Institute of Promotional Marketing Jodie Hopperton, the Managing Director at The Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) has an extensive background in advising various media organisations in navigating the disrupted digital marketplace and talked to Anna and Anna about what is happening in the world of social media.

Show 78: The Success of Agile Businesses. Ben Hammersley, is an applied futurist and is currently presenting a series on the BBC News Channel. Ben joined The Social Media Show to talk about the future of technology and its implications for us all.

Show 77: Are you squared? Tor Goldfield, the head of student experience at Squared Online, the Google-developed education provider joined Anna and Anna to discuss how businesses can future-proof their digital marketing strategies by undertaking a course like Squared Online.

Show 76: Coosto -checking your social phone. Chris Evans the the UK Sales Manager at Coosto, a market leader of social data in the Netherlands, talks to Anna and Anna about how companies can use social data and how it makes a difference to their business.

Show 75: Behind the scenes of social. Gianfranco Chicco the Executive Director of Social Media Week London  provides advice for businesses of all sizes on how to run a fully integrated social event, and how Social Media Week itself ensures its success on social and how it stays at the pinnacle of social media practices as an industry leader.

Show 74: Viral Campaigns. Mike Cornwell CEO of the IDM talks to Anna and Anna about viral campaigns and whether there is a formula for success or whether it is just down to luck.

Show 73: Organic Vs Paid social media. David Moth Deputy Editor at Econsultancy talks to Anna and Anna about organic verses paid social media advertising and how the industry is changing. Could this be the end of free social media marketing?

Show 72: Getting your boss’s buy-in for social media. Sharon Flaherty founder of BrandContent, talks to Anna and Anna about getting your management to embrace social media and once they have, how to secure a bigger budget.

Show 71: Keep Social Honest. Thomas Brown, Director of Strategy and Insights at The Chartered Institute of Marketing reveals the 10 commandments from the Keep Social Honest campaign, showing you how to build trust with your online audience and demonstrate social media best practice.

Show 70: Using Hootsuite in social automation. Rylan Holey, partnership Manager at Hootsuite continues the discussion from show 69 about social automation and the introduction of ‘suggested content’ from Hootsuite.

Show 69: Using your Klout in social automation. Jon Dick of Klout talks to Anna and Anna about the benefits of social media automation and if it is a key trend for the future of the industry and for social media marketing.

Show 68: Social Media with Millennials and Generation Z. Natalie Waterworth of Talented Heads talks to Anna and Anna about why brands and marketers should have a different approach to Millennials and generation Z.

Show 67: Social media roles - specialist or mainstream? Steve Ward of Cloud Nine Social Media and Digital Talent talks to us about the changes he sees in recruitment practices for social media roles.

Show 66: Social media gets more psychological. Sam Mitchell  talks to us about Chinwag Psych the conference covering psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and more.

Show 65: Multi purpose and multi tasking social media for social good. Athar Ibidi of Age UK shares some lessons that many businesses can copy in applying social media

Show 64: Pinterest is good for ALL businesses. Ekaterina Walter explains how to use images to tell a story that enhances any type of business.

Show 63: Designing business that is good for societyAllan Szymczyk and Jan Verwijs have created a truly democratic company, where community members develop and vote on every aspect of the business. Hear how they came up with the idea and how they are getting close to launching their new product.

Show 62: How to create shareable, socialised content. Mat MorrisonWorld’s Oldest Living Social Media Guru™”, Social Media Strategy Director at Starcom MediaVest Group talks about paid and earned content, native advertising, Twitter cards, tagging content for differnt platforms and much, much more.  

Show 61: A new era in Facebook Marketing. Paul Sutton of Bottle PR shares the findings of seven Facebook marketing experts in his e-book “Approaching Facebook Zero” See the podcast page for a free download link to the book.

Show 60: Social listening brings huge benefits. Anna Marsden of Social i Media shares some really useful and practical tips on which toold to use and how to listen effectively and make the most of opportunities that are revealed.

Show 59: How to let your customers tell your brand story. Nathalie Nahai tells us why brands need to relinquish control of their brand story and gives us some great examples of how to do this, including the 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey.

Show 58: Why its an advantage to know how to code. Amelia Humfress of Steer talks us through the reasons why so many people are learning to code and the implications this has for designing web sites, apps and more.
Show 57: The 10 principles of Open Business. David Cushman explains why all businesses benefit from adopting open principles and how Purpose and Trust are the keys to a changing the business landscape. 

Show 56: Fifty things that are no longer acceptable in social media. David Spark shares a brilliant insight into how to create really great content and talks about his FREE ebook “Hazardous to Your Social Media Health”

Show 55: Why the Collaborative Economy is exploding. Jeremiah Owyang gives us stunning examples of the Collaborative Economy in action.

Show 54: Enrich the whole work experience with social. Paul Taylor of Bromford explains how a decision to encourage everyone in the organisation to use social  has brought them more talent and more funds.

Show 53: How business can leverage the use of Instant Messaging Services to reach customers Tom Ollerton of We Are Social explains the creative use of IM services to get up close and personal.

Show 52: How a start up gets started with social media. Kathleen Ong talks us through how she got to get great results on social media and the importance of trying things out and measuring the results. 

Show 51: How to earn a full time income from blogging. Emily Leary explains how she became an award winning food and lifestyle blogger and what it takes to make it in an overcrowded market.

Show 50: Ten great trends for Social Media in 2014. Michelle Goodall joins us again to give us her top tips for the coming year.

Show 49: Three big social media predictions. James Whatley of Ogilvy talks about paid ads, content factories and velvet roped networks.

Show 48: How to give business a bigger meaning. Will McInnes and Tom Nixon tell us why 21st Century business models are about more than profit.

Show 47: Social Media: Marketing or PR? Michelle Goodall takes us through the key points of The Social Media Best Practice Guide produced by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. 

Show 46: How Employees Become Powerful Ambassadors. Maz Najm, Founder of SoMazi explains why and how we should be encouraging employees to us their social networks to become ambassadors.

Show 45: How Brands and Bloggers Can Work Together. Krista Madden, Founder of Handpicked Media, talks to us about the growing commercial opportunities for brands and bloggers to work together for mutual benefit.

Show 44: How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation. John Lee, Brand and Social Marketing Manager of  Webtrends, returns to the show to take us through the first B2B lead generation case study using Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards.

Show 43: On Thought Leadership and writing like a journalist. Anna Lawlor of Social i Media gives us some great insights into the advantages of why writing and thinking like a journalist gives an edge to content creation and how to be perceived as a thought leader.

Show 42: How to get the public to invest £1 million in your business in just 24 hours! Sarah Warman of Brewdog talks to us about creating a fan base that wants to invest.

Show 41: What personality types are most likely to buy your product or service?  We talk to Stephen Haggard of Cambridge Personality Research about the survey his company did of 7 million Facebook fans.

Show 40: Some very good reasons for using Google Plus. Adam Vincenzini joins us from Australia to explain why we shouldn’t discount Google Plus and how to get the best out of the opportunities it offers.

Show 39: If your marketing isn’t mobile it’s not going anywhere. Tom Ollerton of We Are Social tells us why its important to know how your customers use social and make your campaigns accessible when people are on the move.

Show 38: Five reasons why people don’t click your links. John Lee, Brand and Social Marketing Manager at Webtrends. Winner of the “Best Branding Campaign” and “Event of the Year” awards, joins us from Portland Oregon with some really great insights for B2B marketers.

Show 37: How to avoid producing crap content . Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners shares his views on what is happening in content marketing and how to stay ahead of the pack.

Show 36: Why CEOs and business owners need to do social.  Minter Dial of The Myndset Company gives three compelling reasons why leaders should not only understand but participate in social networking.

Show 35: How to get fans to become advocates Richard Jones of Engage Sciences tells us why identifying the top 4.7% of your fans is so important.

Show 34: Why do we share pictures of food on Social Networks? Karen Fewell and Nathalie Nahai explain the surprising results of their research and invite you to get involved in the continuing project #FoodPorn

Show 33: The Value of Facebook Competitions Beth Carroll, Head of Social Media at Threepipe Ltd talks us through the pros and cons of running competitions on your Facebook Page. 

Show 32: How to build a successful business on YouTube Jamie Spafford of Sorted Food tells us how he and his student friends created a successful business sharing video recipes

Show 31: The Like Cycle. Jeremy Waite of Adobe and author of the hilarious 80 Rules of Social Media, explains his reasoning behind The Like Cycle and the five steps that all businesses go through to get good results.

Show 30: Social Media Week. Sam Michel of Chinwag gives us some great insights into the stories and events we can look forward to in Social Media Week London PLUS a great offer on the VIP pass!

Show 29: Big data and its use in business.   Euan Semple talks us through the latest developments in the collection and use of big data and what this means for consumers and for businesses large and small.

Show 28: Agile marketing, real time marketing and news jacking.  Paul Sutton of Future Comms talks through a strategy for companies large and small to use planned and spontaneous events to increase their engagement with their communities.

Show 27: How a Social Media Campaign is constructed and measured  Mark Jennings answers questions about how businesses large and small engage an agency and run a social media campaign.


Shows 1 - 26 were recorded and broadcast by Star Radio and are in a different format to subsequent podcasts. If you are interested in any of these recordings please contact Ann Hawkins to request a link. 

Show 26: Is your platform and website mobile friendly and socialised? Alan Moore, author of No Straight Lines and our guest on Show 4 is back to talk about the rise in the use of mobile devices to access social  networks and the importance of socialising e-commerce platforms.

Show 25: Blogging and Social Media  Graham Jones, Internet Physiologist, whose blog was voted number four in the top 100 psychology blogs, talks to us about the pros and cons of blogging three times a day and why comments on social media are more popular that comments on blogs.

Show 24: Social CRM  Don Wiid of Contact Edge CRM answers the questions “Is any CRM better than no CRM?” and “Is a social CRM better than a regular CRM?”

Show 23:  Marcus Sheridan “The Sales Lion” talks about Social Media and how he turned his company around and then started a new company to help other people to do the same.  So many great business lessons you’ll want to listen again and again!

Show 22: Social Media, PR and Brand Watching Stephen Waddington and Giles Palmer give us an insight into how you find out what people really think of your brand and how social media can help you get elected to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Show 21: Using Social Media for Social Good  Martyn Sibley and Lou Shackleton talk about their work with Disability Horizons and The You Can Hub

Show 20: A Social Media Journey and Fake Followers. Andy Hatcher MD of The Mapp, providers of a simple planning tool, launches the on-line service with social media and will blog about his progress every week. Dirk Singer, star of last weeks’s show, returns to explain his investigation into buying followers and fans the implications this has for those who do it.

Show 19: The Growing Importance of Images in Social Media. Dirk Singer of Eight Megapixels and The Rabbit Agency looks at the impact of the increase in imagery on social networks and how every type of business can use this to their advantage.

Show 18: How Social Media is Changing Almost Everything  Peter Shankman gives some great examples of how companies thrive by using social media to treat customers just 1% better and how this is having an impact on how they treat their employees and causing culture changes in businesses.

Show 17: Social Media and Influence Marketing  Create, manage and measure influence beyond social scoring . Sam Fiorella talks to us about the new methodology that he and Danny Brown describe in their new book “Influence Marketing”.

Show 16: Social Media Relationships work off line. Ed Goodman of Cambridge Business Lounge and Andy Bargery of Klaxon Marketing and London Bloggers MeetUp explain how they use on line networks to create off line relationships and new business opportunities.

Show 15:  The Connected Economy, Charities and Social Media. Bernie Mitchell and Stuart Witts talk about how the Connected Economy and Marie Curie Cancer are using Social Media – with lessons that all businesses can share.

Show 14: The ROI of Social Media Part Two - This topic was so popular on our Google Plus Community that we asked Olivier Blanchard to come back and do another show. His first interview is in Show 10.

Show 13: Social Media is about people Alex Luff , CEO of Corporate Edge, talks about B2P and James Day, Community Manger of Ingenious Britain, explains how people are at the heart of all they do.

Show 12: Social Media Influence  Listen to Nathalie Nahai and Gabrielle Laine Peters explain what influence is and how someone can become a person of influence.

Show 11: Social Media Communities  Arguably the most important role of Social Media, this is explained by Vikki Chowney, Head of Community at TMW, who leads a team of 12 community managers for a range of brands.

Show 10: How do you measure Social Media ROI? This hotly debated topic is the subject of this show with star guest Olivier Blanchard, author of ”Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts In Your Organization”

Show 9: Zero Moment of Truth  Minter Dial and James Whatley of Ogilvy talk about how companies are using this trend and other consumer preferences to change the way they advertise and promote goods.

Show 8: Professional Firms and Social Media  Kelly Anstee of Accountants Tyrrell and Company, Paul Hutchinson of Black Letter PR and Lucinda Acland of Riverview Law give their views.

Show 7: Should you outsource your social media? Liz Weston of Weston Communications tells us why outsourcing social media can work but has to be handled well.

Show 6: Social Media, Employment and the Law  Steve Ward of Cloud Nine Recruitment and consultant employment solicitor Michael Sissons at Cubism Law talk about the pitfalls of employing people with social media responsibilities.

Show 5: Writing content for social media Neville Hobson (For Immediate Release) and Sue Keogh talk about the need for authenticity when creating content.

Show 4: Creating a Social Business  Alan Moore (No Straight Lines) and Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (Patients Know Best) talk about new business models.

Show 3: Could Social Media Save the Retail Sector?  Nikki Finnemore and Georgie Newbury question Pete Doyle of Social Retail.

Show 2: What’s Coming Up in Social Media in 2013 Euan Semple and Molly Flatt make some surprising predictions.

Show 1: The good and not so good in Social Media in 2012 Jeremy Waite of Adobe and Mark Jennings look back at what worked and didn’t work so well.