Show 26: Mobile first and often

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Is your platform and website mobile friendly and socialised?

Alan Moore, author of No Straight Lines and our guest on Show 4 is back to talk about the rise in the use of mobile devices to access social  networks and the importance of socialising e-commerce platforms.

Alan’s presentation “Society, Organisations, Economies Re-Shaped by Mobile” has been watched over 92,000 times on Slideshare.


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Alan Moore

 Alan Moore’s invaluable and unique creative insights present us with an alternative way of working and existing – a better way – in which “participatory leadership” is the new operating system of the workplace where well being and creating value for the collective good is the new currency of our economy. He articulates what most people are experiencing: dissatisfaction with their conditioned existence, their tick tock life which they did not choose but rather inherited.

Through his book and project “No Straight Lines” Alan joins up the dots of what he calls our non-linear world and splendidly paves for us a new future which is accessible to everyone through innovation, creativity and craftsmanship by what we make, who we make it with and why we would be motivated to do it in the first place.

nsl-coverHis belief is that creative entrepreneurial expression is vital in bringing new value and better ways of “doing” into our world and that we all play a role in this metamorphosis. His passion is seeking transformational solutions to our present status-quo which he says we must challenge creatively with our hand, heart and mind. Ultimately it is what we ‘do’ as opposed to what we ‘say’ that will transform us economically, organizationally and for our collective wider society. Simply put – our better future depends on it. Collaboration, participation and innovation using all that is available to us now are key to this better future and our better life.

Alan sits on the “board of inspiration” at the Dutch Think Tank Freedom Lab. He acts as “Head of Vision” for the Grow Venture Community, is a board director of the crisis management NGO Ushahidi and is as a special advisor to a number of innovative companies and organizations including publishing, mobile, the theatre and finance.

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