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Show 9: Zero Moment of Truth

Posted by on Mar 31, 2013


Social media is playing an increasingly big part in how we make decisions about what to buy and how to buy it.

Standing in front of a product in a store we are likely to not only use a mobile device to check prices in other stores and on-line but to ask our social networks for recommendations.

Google calls this decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth.

Minter Dial and James Whatley talk about how companies are using this trend and other consumer preferences to change the way they advertise and promote goods.

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Why do you stay with your accountant?

Posted by on Mar 25, 2013




Its easy to find a new accountant.

Keeping clients is an important part of the relationship and Kelly Anstee of Tyrrell and Company explains what works for her.

I often ask my clients why they stay (I passionately believe in customer service) and this was one response I received:-

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Take a Swim in Social Media

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013

Can accountants and lawyers use social media well?

By Paul Hutchinson


swimming_cats_are_640_10As professional sectors such as law and accountancy face increasing pressure to engage with their future and current clients, Paul Hutchinson tells us that social media can play a massive part in their success.
Let’s quickly lay an argument to rest straight away, social media is here to stay. You might think it odd that someone in my position feels the need to highlight that in an opening sentence but you’ll be surprised how many professions still think that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al are just a fad.

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Show 8: Professional Firms and Social Media

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013


“Professionals take to social media like cats take to water”

Proving that this needn’t always be true are Kelly Anstee of Accountants Tyrrell and Company, Paul Hutchinson of Black Letter PR and Lucinda Acland of Riverview Law.

Discussing how professional firms can get new business and give a better service by listening to what clients want, our guests also show how using social networks to communicate transparently and authentically is a winning combination.

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