Show 52: Social Media for a Start-up

Kathleen Ong

How does a start up get started with social media?

Kathleen Ong has been busy chasing her dreams in New York, London, Toronto, and Vancouver. She recently graduated with her MBA after majoring in English and Media studies for her BA degree. She’s a frequent flyer, all-day tweeter, and incessant shopper.

She talks us through how she got Wantering started with social media.

Wantering is a fashion search engine where you can search and shop across over 100 e-commerce stores all in one place.The cool-hunting algorithm ranks products based on what’s trending on social sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Polyvore and Svpply.


Follow Kathleen on Twitter @itsmekathleeno and @wantering

Here is the Lego boardroom table Kathleen mentions:

Wantering The Social Media Show

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