Show 43: Thought leadership and writing like a journalist.

Anna Lawlor

There is more to becoming a thought leader than giving yourself the title.

Anna Lawlor of Social i Media has written for The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent on Sunday and The Economist Intelligence Unit, as well as for trade and regional press.

With her partner Anna Marsden, Anna started their company to bridge traditional and new media to provide journalistic content, social media training and consultancy to companies, individuals and charities.

Anna’s experience flavours the way she approaches her work and this discussion gives some fascinating insights into why writing and thinking like a journalist can give content creators a real edge, as well as exploring the increasingly popular topic of how people become thought leaders.


Anna has written a blog post on What does being a Thought Leader do for Business  mentioning many of the people she talks about in the interview .

Connect with Anna on LinkedIn, Twitter @little_lawlor   and @SocialiMediaUK   and on Google Plus 

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Show 42: Using social media to create unique products

Brewdog logo

Twitter and a hashtag produces a new beer

Aberdeenshire-based BrewDog started as two men and dog brewing beer in a shed. Now a multi-million pound company, the brand uses social networks in creative ways to get fans involved in making new beers and in crowdfunding to expand the brand.

In a ground-breaking move, BrewDog was the world’s first brewery to ever brew a completely democratically designed craft beer using the hashtag #Mashtag.

Company owners James Watt and Martin Dickie have already raised almost £7m through investors buying shares in its “Equity for Punks” crowdfunding scheme.

Social Media Manager Sarah Warman joins us to talk about how it all works:








You can also find Brewdog on pinterest, google+, youtube)

James Watt:

Martin Dickie:



Show 41: Personality types and social media

Stephen Haggard

How do you know which personality types react best with your social media content?

Stephen Haggard of, soon to be relaunched at , talks to us about how to discover which personality types are most likely to respond to different types of content. Stephen’s company designed a scientifically valid personality questionnaire and made it available on Facebook. Seven million respondents later they had a huge amount of data that can pinpoint very accurately how specific personality types behave on-line and interact with different types of content.


This is the scientific article about the technology  and there are case studies on the website.




Show 40: Why you should use Google Plus

Adam Vincenzini

Is Google Plus really a wasteland?

Adam Vincenzini of Kamber, a specialist content marketing and social media consultancy gives us lots of really good reasons for using Google Plus and some words of wisdom on how to shape our businesses using the avenues available.

Find Adam writing on The Kamber Blog on Twitter @AdamVincenzini and his own blog