Show 8: Professional Firms and Social Media


“Professionals take to social media like cats take to water”

Proving that this needn’t always be true are Kelly Anstee of Accountants Tyrrell and Company, Paul Hutchinson of Black Letter PR and Lucinda Acland of Riverview Law.

Discussing how professional firms can get new business and give a better service by listening to what clients want, our guests also show how using social networks to communicate transparently and authentically is a winning combination.


Kelly Anstee

I started work experience with Tyrrell & Company during 2000/01.

I was extremely pleased to be asked to start full time as soon as I left school.

I completed my AAT shortly afterwards. I got my own client portfolio in 2004 and began networking during 2005.

This led to my online networking (social media) and then I started my sales training during 2010. I have been training people on Social Media for 2/3 years now and come 15 July 2013, I shall be starting my 12th year as a full time accountant.

I love it and am passionate about growing my clients’ businesses through the sales and marketing experience that I’ve gained over the years.

Kelly is on Twitter @KellyAnstee
tyrrelland company (dot) co (dot) uk 

Read Kelly’s blog post “Why do you stay with your accountant?”

Paul Hutchinson

Paul is a former award winning broadcast journalist and deputy editor who has transferred his skills to develop a no nonsense approach to PR and Marketing.

After developing a strong career in local government PR, Paul brought his talents into the legal sector, first as the Public Relations and Press Officer for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) and now as PR and Marketing Executive for Black Letter PR. Here Paul encourages a very traditional sector to embrace new and innovative ideas of promoting themselves, including capitalising on the exceptional benefits of social media, while respecting traditional methods of communication.

His thoughts on the future promotional needs of the legal sector have been published by The Lawyer and his own blog covers comments, thoughts, best practice and advice about modern communication methods for individuals and small businesses.

Paul has worked with clients from small companies to Fortune 500 firms.

Paul immerses himself in good communications and believes that by practicing what he preaches, he can remain up to date with the latest trends and communication methods for the benefits of others.

Examples of Paul's client work can be found at:

Agency: blackletterpr

Twitter: hutch_pr

Blog: hutchpr on wordpress (dot) com

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