Show 30: Social Media Week

Sam MichelSocial Media Week returns to London in September 2013

From September 23 - 27th over 200 events will take place in London on the theme “Open and Connected”

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Sam Michel of Chinwag has been making Social Media Week London happen for the last five years. He gives us some great behind the scenes insights and describes how #SMWLDN has grown to the extent that “Social Media is too narrow a definition”.


The events that Sam got most excited about are on Pricing Psychology, Diplo Hack sessions and an up and coming comedian talking about creating content. To find out more about all the FREE events go to Social Media Week London

Follow Sam on Twitter @toodlepip and @Chinwag. For events follow @SocialMediaWeek  and and on YouTube

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Show 29: Big Data and its use in business

Euan Semple

Who owns big data and what can be done with it?

Euan Semple talks about patterns that can be seen from data that we all provide as we use the internet, how these are interpreted, the benefits and drawbacks and how accessible it is.

When we use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for free, we become the product. If the data we provide is used in a contextually appropriate way and is helpful to us we don’t mind so much but what about the uses we’re not aware of?

What products are available that allow smaller businesses to gather data and use it for their own benefit?


The books Euan mentions in the show are: Code and Other Laws of Cybersapce by Laurie Lessig and What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly  He also mentions The Cluetrain Manifesto which first discussed the idea of “human to human” conversations back in 1999 and is thought to be the precursor to social media marketing.

Euan was a guest on Show 2   His book Organizations Don’t Tweet – People Do was published last year. Organisations Don't Tweet

Blog address

Twitter @Euan

Euan also produces a podcast Business Shift 





Show 28: Real time marketing

Paul SuttonAgile marketing, real time marketing and news jacking are hot right now

Paul Sutton of  Future Comms talks us through a strategy for companies large and small to use planned and spontaneous events to increase their engagement with their communities.

Paul is Head of Social Comms at Bottle PR, integrating digital & social media tools with offline campaigns for maximum business benefit.

In July 2013, his work with Golden Wonder won Best Integrated Campaign & Best Evaluation of a Digital Campaign at the Digi Awards. BOTTLE became the only organisation to win a Digi for 3 years running.

Paul talks about Urgent Genius a blog he follows that provides lots of great content


Follow Paul on Twitter @ThePaulSutton

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Show 27: How a social media campaign works

Mark jenningsThings to know before hiring an agency for your social media campaign!

Mark Jennings has worked for organisations as diverse as Sky, Jimmy Choo, Samsung and Scottish Power, as well as government, arts and third sector. He has some interesting things to say about hiring an agency and how a social media campaign works and how the results are measured.

Don’t hire the agency - hire the people!


Mark was a guest on our very first show talking about what worked and didn’t work in social media in 2012.

Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkofRespect

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