Show 80: Future proofing your business

Anna LawlorSocial technologies bring business efficiencies

Anna Lawlor and Anna Marsden bring you the last in the 12 week series, How to Future Proof Your Business. They talk about the benefits of having an agile business culture in order to enact change quickly and improve internal communications. They also bring you some examples of social apps that deliver daily time savings for, so called, “office work” in the modern digital world.Anna Marsden

Anna and Anna run boutique media communications agency, Social i Media. You can find them tweeting at @SocialiMediaUK or connect with Anna Lawlor on LinkedIn or Anna Marsden on LinkedIn.


For further details and more examples of social technologies check out the accompanying Social i Media blog.

Show 79: The Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM)

Jodie HoppertonWhat in the world is happening in social media?

Jodie Hopperton, was recently appointed as the Managing Director at The Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM). Jodie has an extensive background in advising various media organisations in navigating the disrupted digital marketplace and talked to Anna and Anna about what is happening in the world of social media.


You can connect with Jodie on LinkedIn or Tweet her directly.

Show 78: The Success of Agile Businesses

Planning for a digital future

Ben Hammersley

Ben Hammersley, is an applied futurist and is currently presenting a series on the BBC News Channel. Ben joined The Social Media Show, on the move during half term parenting duties, to talk about the future of technology and its implications for us all.

He also writes and lectures internationally to explain the effects of the post-digital post-internet age to people, corporations, governments, and international organisations, and is the author of many books and articles on modern technology.

You can see, Darknets, the first episode of Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley on Saturday 1st November at 4.30pm on the BBC News Channel.


You can connect with Ben on LinkedIn or Tweet him directly.

Show 77: Are you Squared?

Get qualified for digital marketing success

Tor GoldfieldTor Goldfield, the head of student experience at Squared Online, the Google-developed education provider joined Anna and Anna to discuss how businesses can future-proof their digital marketing strategies by undertaking a course like Squared Online.

Tor also talks about the importance of continual learning and practical application for employees in today’s digital environment.

For an in-depth look at other courses that are available, read The Guardian’s “How to get a job in social media” written by our guest presenter Anna Marsden and referenced in this podcast.


You can connect with Tor on LinkedIn or Tweet the We Are Squared team directly.

Show 76: Coosto - checking your social phone

Using social data to enhance your social media approach

Chris EvansChris Evans the the UK Sales Manager at Coosto, a market leader of social data in the Netherlands, talks to Anna and Anna about how companies can use social data and how it makes a difference to their business.

Chris talks about the importance of capturing conversations about your brand, crisis management and why you should treat your social media conversations as another channel of customer service, like the phone.


You can tweet Chris here or connect with him on LinkedIn