Show 7: Should you outsource your social media?

Outsourcing Social Media is a hotly debated topic

Typically, outsourcing ranges from the truly dreadful to the very good.

Lots of  people are jumping on the social media bandwagon and offering services that do more harm than good while others put a lot of effort into working alongside their clients and include great support and training.

This show includes an interview with Liz Weston of Weston Communications whose agency provides traditional PR and marketing services as well as Social Media training and outsourcing. Liz’s clients are diverse with many in the baby and parenting market, short term projects like The Cambridge Fashion Week and in- house training and support roles with engineering and technology companies.

Liz’s interview is followed by Lynette Penney of iansyst, one of the UK’s leading assistive technology companies that uses Weston Communications to help them to devise a strategy, led by the CEO, and train several department heads to add their own voice to the company’s social media output.


Read Eric Swain’s blog post “Never Outsource Your Social Media. Ever.”

Liz Weston

Liz founded Weston Communications in 2008, producing New Baby Guides for NHS Maternity Units. The work expanded in 2010 into Social Media, PR, Marketing and Communications work. UK Baby Shows was acquired in August 2011.
Liz has won many awards for blogging and is often in national magazines and newspapers, TV and radio.

Liz Weston
01223 501520 | 07515 910231  |  twitter| linkedin |skype: cambridgemummy   |

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