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Show 22: Social Media, PR and Brand Watching

Posted by on Jun 30, 2013


Changing the PR world with Social Media

Stephen Waddington used social media to help his campaign to become president of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations and talks about the need for PR firms to look at how social media is transforming business models.
Giles Palmer talks about how to find out what people are *really* saying about your brand using social media monitoring tools.


On Twitter: Stephen @Wadds Giles @joodoo9
Find out more about Stephen and Giles with links to the things they talk about in their interviews……

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Show 21: Using Social Media for Social Good

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013

boomerang-600x399Social Media helps to make the world a better place

This show features two people who believe that what you give out you get back as they talk about using social media as a platform for their work, doing social good.

Martyn Sibley tells us why and how he started Disability Horizons, an online magazine that gives inspiration as well as practical advice to disabled people who like to travel, explore and have adventures. Martyn has become well known for his pioneering use of social media.

Lou Shackleton of The You Can Hub  created Danger Lou - her super hero alter-ego and is using this to battle the robot of mediocrity and show people they can change the world. As well as creating opportunities for social good both Martyn and Lou are having a huge amount of fun!



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My social media journey - Week 2

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013

Andy Hatcher of The Mapp is charting his Social Media journey, week by week .

Andrew hatcher(Andy is the MD of The MAPP Ltd., a company that provides simple visual planning solutions)

Getting Found, Getting Lost and Getting Hacked!

Listen to Andy’s interview on Show 20 Mapp-logo-R-80

With week one behind me and a report that showed that I had had a total of 41 visitors and one free account sign up I was feeling very happy that things could definitely be worse - and then I woke up on Monday to find that our Twitter account had been hacked. The hacker seemed to think that our account represented a great way to sell Canadian pharmaceuticals which was a new one on me. Does anyone really ever click those links? I truly hope not!

So having been found by someone undesirable, the rest of the week was focused on how to find those I really want to connect with. 

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A Social Media Journey and Fake Followers

Posted by on Jun 17, 2013

downtherabbithole A journey into social media marketing

Andy Hatcher of The MAPP talks to us about what its like to embark on the use of social media to promote his on-line planning tool. We’ll be following Andy’s journey week by week on our blog as he tracks his progress and talks about what’s working and what’s not.

Dirk Singer of The Rabbit Agency gives us an insight into the murky world of bought fans and followers as he prepares to conduct his second experiment in this area to see if there is any advantage to anyone but the sellers of fake accounts.


Read about this week’s interviews here 

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My social media journey - Week 1

Posted by on Jun 16, 2013

 Andy Hatcher of The Mapp will be charting his Social Media journey, week by week .

Andrew hatcher

(Andy is the MD of The MAPP which provides simple visual planning solutions.)

Whether ’tis nobler to be liked or to be shared?

It was with some trepidation that as summer arrived in the UK, my company finally crossed the border from the country called pre-revenue into the land that lies beyond (which I suspect is called no-revenue). The second iteration of our online service had finally been built to that magical point of minimum viability and could now be allowed out of quarantine to our slavering public.

My long suffering advisor asked me, with a completely straight face, whether, when people read my blog, did I want them to like me or share me?

The last time I did anything like launch a new product 

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