Show 48: How to give business a bigger meaning

Meaning Conference Logo 2014 21st Century Business models are about more than profit

Will McInnes now of Brandwatch and Tom Nixon of Nixon McInnes talk to us about how the openness and transparency of social media translates into a very different way of doing business.
Profit is important as a tool for good when the mindset and behaviour of the people in the organisation is democratised and sociocracy is embedded in the decision making process.
This is a truly inspiring interview about the face of business to come where technology is seen as a way to make it possible for people to do better, more meaningful work.


Links to items mentioned in the interview:

Will’s book Culture Shock - A Handbook for 21st Century Business

Maverick - The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace

Firms of Endearment - How World Class Companies Profit from passion and Purpose

The Meaning Conference - early bird tickets already sold out!

The Mondragon Corporation - a company which is 100% owned by employees turning over 7 billion euros p.a.

Davita - a healthcare company whose slogan is “all for one and one for all”

Orbit Housing  - a housing corporation that operates with transparency.

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