A Social Media Journey and Fake Followers

downtherabbithole A journey into social media marketing

Andy Hatcher of The MAPP talks to us about what its like to embark on the use of social media to promote his on-line planning tool. We’ll be following Andy’s journey week by week on our blog as he tracks his progress and talks about what’s working and what’s not.

Dirk Singer of The Rabbit Agency gives us an insight into the murky world of bought fans and followers as he prepares to conduct his second experiment in this area to see if there is any advantage to anyone but the sellers of fake accounts.


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Andrew hatcherAndrew Hatcher

Andrew is the Managing Director of The MAPP Limited a company that develops visual planning tools for developing and sharing plans of all kinds.

Andrew has a long history of identifying, developing and managing innovation within corporate environments and notably created an implemented a comprehensive and international innovation management system while working for Reuters, the European media group. His career at Reuters culminated in a role as CEO of an Asian-based Internet trading corporate spin-out in Singapore which he took through initial VC funding and on to a trade sale.

As author of  ’Inventuring - Why big companies must think small’ (McGraw Hill, Mar 2003) which tackles the subject of corporate venturing from a practitioners perspective, Andrew brings with him the experience of over 200 companies that were researched for the book as well as his own extensive experience in the areas of business start-up and in the specialist area of innovation management and corporate venturing.

With a personal corporate history that includes journalism, software development, project management, marketing and strategic sales, Andrew draws on a wealth of experience in all aspects of business management gained through working internationally, predominantly in the US and UK.

Andrew received both a Bachelors in Engineering and an MBA in International Business from the University of London and is a Fellow of Cambridge Marketing Colleges.


Dirk Singer Dirk Singer gave us an interview in Show 19: The Growing Importance of Images in Social Media 

I’ve been working in marketing, PR, the media and social media since the dial-up days of the mid 1990s.

During that time I’ve worked with 50+ brands, including some of the world’s biggest Internet companies.

I’ve started two agencies, both of which became agency of the year. This includes my current one Rabbit, which achieved that goal in less than three years.

I’m naturally optimistic, I believe in fairness at work and that if you employ adults you should treat them as adults.

I’m on most social channels as @dirktherabbit 

My current area of interest is the visual web, check out my new site at8mpx.co.uk

Specialties:communications, brand building, PR, web 2.0, social media, Instagram, airline marketing, airport marketing, travel social media

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