80 Rules of Social Media

What is your favourite social media ‘rule’?

We all have them but Jeremy Waite of Adobe, who was our first guest on the show, has just posted his “80 Rules of Social Media”. Its a hilarious and irreverent, straight talking view and we’re asking our readers and listeners to tell us what their favourite rule is. 

Leave us a comment below and we’ll read out your favourites and give you a mention on the show.

Jeremy’s post is here on his blog “Follow Me I’m Right Behind You”

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Richard Farrar
Richard Farrar like.author.displayName 1 Like

I quite like rule 43: Reply to EVERYONE, although I'd of been happier if it were numbered 42...

The downside, with an increasing number of followers, this becomes an impossible task!

AnnHawkins moderator

@Richard Farrar Ha! If the rule to answer everything was 42 that would be awesome! 

I think people accept that you can't always thank everyone for Rt's and follows etc., but if someone is engaging with you that's much easier. 
Someone asked a friend of mine why he unfollowed them and he said "Because this is the first time you've engaged with me in three months!" :) 

Richard Farrar
Richard Farrar

@AnnHawkins @Richard Farrar What a different world we live in.