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Blog 1Would you like to be a guest blogger for the show?

From creating content to outsourcing, from measuring influence to the Zero Moment of Truth, we’ve had some fantastic guests who have helped us to describe how social media and social networking is helping to create exciting business opportunities for people who see that there is “no more business as usual” and are eager to explore new business models. 

The show is attracting some interesting comments in our Google Plus Community  and we’d like to extend this to give more people an opportunity to become regular bloggers for the show. 

If you have an opinion or a story on how social media and social networking is changing the way we do business and would like to have it published here, let me know

Here are few guidelines for your guest post:

  • It will be in the same vein as our interviews -  broadly how social media and social networking is changing the way we do business (not how to set up a Facebook Page or a blog). 
  • It will be original - never published before *anywhere*.
  • No longer than 500 words (instalments are fine for longer topics).
  • Submitted as a word doc or similar.  
  • No images - we’ll source our own to avoid copyright issues.
  • No advertorial from “professional” marketers on behalf of their clients disguised as a guest post. 
  • No more than 20 words describing you, the author with your links. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Would love to write some blogs for you guys :)

    • We’d be honoured Richard. Look forward to getting your posts.

  2. Hi Ann

    I would be interested in blogging on this subject. Specifically I would like to cover the scalability of social and how small businesses can expand their audience globally, rapidly through it.

    Is this something you would be interested in?


    • Hi Susan - sounds great! Just follow the guidelines and let me have your posts and we’ll do the rest.

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