Show 45: How to Make Money from Blogging

Krista Madden
Brands and Bloggers: A Match Made in Heaven?

Krista Madden has been publishing on-line for 14 years. She started Hand Picked Media to match bloggers to brands and get the best deals for both.

When a 22year old posts pictures of outfits she’s wearing on Instagram and has a direct effect on sales and bloggers get paid substantial amounts in cash and kind for reviewing products there is a lot of influence to harness.

Krista talks to us about the 650 sites that have been “Handpicked” based on their traffic, audience, influence and content and the sometimes uneasy relationship that brands and PR companies have with blogging outreach.


Find Krista at Beauty and the Dirt  and on Twitter @HandpickedMedia and @BeautyAndtheDirt


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