Show 38: The top 5 reasons why people don’t click your links!

John Lee, Brand and Social Business Manager at Webtrends

Do you post links to your web site or blog and wonder why no-body clicks them?

John Lee, Brand and Social Marketing Manager at Webtrends. Winner of the “Best Branding Campaign” and “Event of the Year” awards, joins us from Portland Oregon with some really great insights and a ‘get out of jail free card’ for B2B marketers.

Truth, no business tweet is as interesting as your friends so how to you get your content noticed in amongst 500 million tweets a day (that’s 6,000 a second!)?

John digs down into his top five reasons why our links don’t get clicked and comes up with some fascinating ideas on how we can all do better!


One the examples John give us that is worth looking at is Marketo @Marketo

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