Show 59: How to let customers tell your brand story

Nathalie Nahai
Who has control of your brand story?

Nathalie Nahai The Web Psychologist and author of Webs of Influence explains why brands have to relinquish control of their brand story to their customers.

On the basis that customers are talking about them anyway, the idea is to get in there and provide ways to tell their experience with the brand.

Nathalie gives several examples of how different types of business can use story telling to help their customers identify with the brand, from plumbers and boiler fixers to fashion.

One of these is the Fashion Brand Nasty Gal that uses Olapic to get fans to upload their own pictures to their Facebook Page.

Nathalie also takes us through the 12 steps of story telling and shows how to apply this to our websites in order to draw people in and get them to identify with what we do.


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