Show 61: The Future of Facebook Marketing

Paul SuttonWe’ve reached a new era for Facebook marketing.

Anyone who uses Facebook for business needs to read and listen to this:

It’s long been understood by Facebook page administrators that they could expect to reach a maximum of of only 16% of their fans with any given status update. Lately this figure has dropped to between 3% and 6% and rumour has it that this will be further reduced to just 1% or 2% in the near future.

Many blogs and posts have been written on how to beat the system - all with little effect.

In his e-book “”Addressing Facebook Zero”, Paul Sutton has asked a number of highly respected Facebook marketers and community managers for their opinions on the future of Facebook marketing.

Paul is Head of Social Communications at Bottle PR, who have Honda and Golden Wonder among their clients.
Contributors to the e-book include Brian Carter, Emeric Ernoult, Danny Whatmough, Luke Williams, Eb Adeyeri and Alex Pearmain.


In this interview Paul talks to us about the ideas put forward in the book and what this means for the future of marketing on Facebook.


You can download the ebook here:

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