Show 39: What your customer wants out of social

Tom Ollerton of We are Social “If your marketing isn’t mobile, its not going anywhere.”

Tom Ollerton, Marketing Director at We Are Social talks to us about how things go wrong when the brand focuses just on their message and equally when they focus just on entertaining their audience. Finding the middle ground is vital.

Increasingly, customers do most things on their mobile, whether its shopping, getting news, information or entertainment so its vital to match their habits and using apps like Instagram and Snapchat lend themselves to this market.

If you’d like a copy of “The Social Sale” please contact Tom on @mrtomollerton  or




  1. Andrew - Mint Online Marketing says

    Mobile phones are the closest link businesses can have with their customers. Interacting with customers via mobile helps add value to your brand and keep them focused on you and help negate brand switching.

    ‘its vital to match their habits’

    This is a key point. People are using certain apps regularly so how can you take advantage of this? People trust these apps and interact with them regularly therefore businesses need to think how they can use these platforms to their advantage.

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