Show 13: Social Media is about people

Shopping mall“People buy from People” doesn’t change because we use social media.

That’s why Alex Luff , CEO of Corporate Edge, talks about B2P and why James Day, Community Manger of Ingenious Britain, creates opportunities for very small businesses - the backbone of the British Economy - to support each other.

In this show Alex and James talk about how they helps organisations to empower people in order to:

1. create better organisations

2. create better branding/marketing/messaging

3. create better communications/customer service

4. create better products


Alex Luff

Alex is the CEO of Corporate Edge, “putting people at the heart of business communication”. As well as talking brand and digital Alex is a music and film lover

Connect with Alex on Twitter @AlexLuff and find out more about him here:


James Day
James is a recent graduate working for Ingenious Britain. He describes himself here:

“My goal is to bring the fun back into business - through social media and my own content, I think that it is possible to provide a personable and efficient service to customers, without forgetting that a smile and a bit of a laugh can go an awfully long way in business.

I’m lucky enough to be in a position to utilise all of my strengths my current position at Inteligis, which not only provides me with social media opportunities, but writing and multimedia ones too - whilst simultaneously having the creative freedom to investigate new things and learn new techniques. Using Pinterest and making infographics for the first time were particular ‘I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but just roll with it’ moments. The next stop: mastering Google+. Gulp.

In my spare time I’m a regular contributor to, providing prospective and existing students some useful (and some not so useful) advice on all facets of university life. Not only do I feel like a guru, but seeing your name in print makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve also had articles credited to me on sites as varied from, Instant Impact,, and the Copywriting Apprentice. I’ll be more than happy to show them to you.

I also enjoy watching (sometimes), and playing football, pub quizzes, reading, trying to help people out, and making lists.

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