Show 54: Enrich the whole work experience with social

Paul Taylor of Bromford


The unexpected benefits of using social networks at work

Paul Taylor, is the Innovation Coach at Bromford, a social investor that provides a range of support to people across central England. Bromford has 27,000 homes that are available for social rent and a mission that is very much around social inclusion, employability and connecting people to opportunities. Of course technology plays a huge part in this.

Nearly 3 years ago Bromford took the decision to open up unrestricted access to social media for all 1200 colleagues – a big decision at the time. At Bromford social media is actively encouraged – in fact you can’t obtain a top performance rating unless you have an active social presence. It’s also an absolute leadership expectation.

Paul talks about some of the unexpected benefits that this decision has brought, including attracting new talent and new funding, allowing the organisation to grow and provide better services to more people.


Read Paul’s blog  and follow him on Twitter @PaulBromford