Show 53: How businesses can leverage Instant Messaging Services

Tom Ollerton of We are Social
Businesses that use IM services get a great response.

Tom Ollerton, Marketing Director at We Are Social talks to us about why Instant Messaging services like WhatsApp are becoming ever more important to businesses of all sizes.

If you’re put off using WhatsApp since its aquisition by Facebook, these are some of the choices: Line, Kik Messenger, BBM (over 80 million users since the iPhone and Android app was released), Viber, Tom’s favourite WeChat and lots more like Instagram, Snapchat, Popcorn, Tango and Text Free, not to overlook the biggies like Skype and Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger.

These services give business many opportunities to devise original and personalised ways to contact customers via their mobile devices.


Listen to Tom’s previous interview about Why Your Marketing Needs to be Mobile on Show 39 and contact him for a copy of “The Social Sale”  on @mrtomollerton  or

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