Show 44: How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation

John Lee, Brand and Social Business Manager at Webtrends
Are promoted tweets taking over from social content in lead generation?

John Lee, Brand and Social Marketing Manager at Webtrends, a B2B agency, talks us through a case study using Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards.

In the case study, Webtrends took a three month “social siesta” to measure and analyse their exisiting situation and then re-measured it after using the Twitter cards. In the 4-week campaign they achieved a 996% increase in leads generated and a 500% decrease in costs.

Find out how they did it with some really useful tips and insights into how to make this approach work.


Listen to the previous interview John gave us in Show 38 on “The Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Click Links” 

Follow John on Twitter @Lee_John and @Webtrends

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