Show 65: Using social media to empower and enlighten

Athar Abidi of Age UK
Multi-purpose and multi-tasking social media for social change.

Any business wondering how to tackle social media and integrate a diverse organisation, empower employees with different skill levels and provide real value for clients on both a local and national level will find lots of inspiration and ideas in this interview.

Athar Abidi is Age UK‘s Social Media Manager. He creates huge value for 150 brand partners, supports and advises local volunteers, markets campaigns and events and produces shareable content for Age UKs main beneficiaries - old people. 

Through the use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Athar manages multiple streams of activity. He talks to us about the tools he uses and the techniques that gently challenge preconceptions.


Athar mentions a poem in the campaign for Love Later Life that can be found here:

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