Show 25: Social media and blogging three times a day

Keyboard key depicting number three How does blogging three times a day affect your stats?

Graham Jones, Internet Pyschologist, has been blogging every day for several years. His blog was recently voted number 4 in the world’s top 100 psychology blogs. He talks to us about the pros and cons of blogging three times a day and how blog comments are now more commonly left on social media sites instead of the blog.


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Graham Jones, Internet psychologist
I work with business owners and senior executives, CEOs and those involved in strategic business decisions to help them ensure that their business uses the Internet effectively. Whether your business needs to gain more profit from the Internet, grow as a result of the Internet, or use it effectively internally, I help you develop the right strategies and plans.

Rather than approaching things from a technological perspective, I look at the Internet from the human angle. This means ensuring your online activities help you form better relationships with customers and potential clients, for example. And if it’s internal Internet use, how, for instance, can your staff be more productive and more motivated to use particular technologies?

I deliver my work in consultancy sessions, online, in workshops and seminars and in speeches. I have worked as a conference speaker for more than 20 years and I am a long-standing and active member of The Professional Speakers Association in the UK and the National Speakers Association in the USA. I am also an award-winning writer who has written widely on a range of business and psychology issues, particularly on the psychological aspects of business.

I am the author of 28 books, mainly on business topics and I am a contributor to several other books. I am an award winning writer and I have written thousands of articles, which have appeared in national newspapers, magazines and journals around the world. I also regularly appear as a guest on radio and TV to comment on various aspects of the Internet.

I am an Associate Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the Open University and I am a Visiting Lecturer in Ebusiness at the University of Buckingham.

Professional qualifications and memberships:
B.Sc. (Hons) B.A. (Hons) Adv. Dip. Ed., M.Ed., M.Sc., MBPsS, FPSA, Member of the Society of Authors.

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