Show 31: Jeremy Waite and the Adobe “Like-Cycle”

Jeremy Waite of Adobe Integrating social media into a robust strategy for long term growth is a challenge that all businesses face.

Jeremy Waite, head of Social Strategy at  Adobe  EMEA, has devised a simple process that describes the “Like Cycle” of a customer that helps businesses to develop a 360 degree approach to digital marketing. Although it talks about ‘Likes’ it can be applied equally to all social networks.

The cycle addresses the five challenges that most businesses face when looking at their social media strategy:

1. What type of ‘likes’ do you want? - Who are you trying to reach and why?

2. What are you going to do with them? - Building an interesting content and engagement strategy.

3. How are you going to keep them? - Loyalty is harder than ever to achieve.

4. What is the value of a ‘like’? - Its essential to understand how to measure the ROI of what you do.

5. What is the cost of a ‘like’? - How much are you willing to pay to attract someone’s attention?


For the links to the Adobe white paper and Jeremy’s slideshare presentation plus other show notes see here:

Adobe Social Overview PDF


Adobe Like Cycle PDF

Slideshare presentation on The Like Cycle 

Jeremy’s 80 Rules of Social Media


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