Show 3: Could Social Media Save the Retail Sector?

High Stree

Hear how some retailers are using social media to drive sales

Pete Doyle of Social Retail talks to Nikki Finnemore of Curious Orange about how to use social media to drive sales and how the High Street could attract shoppers back to stores with a bit of imagination and some social power.

Georgie Newbery of Common Farm Flowers explains why she chose to use Twitter to launch and grow her business as an alternative to traditional marketing and PR and why, three years later, with 3,700 twitter followers, she’s glad she did. 

Pete Doyle @SocialRetail

Nikki Finnemore @MadameLaFinne and @Curious_Orange

Georgie Newbery @TheFlowerFarmer


What do you think about how retailers use social media? Could they do better? Share your views with us below

Pete Doyle Pete started his retail career with Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, managing eCommerce for ToysRUs, Hamleys of London and Direct Wines before going on to start Social Retail Limited, the Global Social Media and eCommerce Management Training and Consultancy Specialist for Retail, Education and Music Sectors.

An expert in using social media in a retail environment and empowering shop floor staff to become ambassadors through the  ’tweeting from the shop floor’ training programme for retailers.

Pete recently ran a workshop for the MBA executives at The Henley Business and helps to deliver the future50 programme at University of Reading for social media apprentices.

Pete’s social retail blog is ranked no 1 on Google out of over 800 million pages and offers thoughts and insights into the impact of social media on retailers.



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Richard Shorney
Richard Shorney

Hi. Great show!! I'm on Twitter as @retailmentoring. I have been Tweeting for 12 months now. I started because I very strongly believe in supporting independent retail and our High Streets. I work full time for a large wholesaler. My job involves mentoring and guiding new retailers. My aim is to promote indie retail,new indie producers, ideas and try to enthuse people to use their High Streets I also have a blog at and I try to encourage indies to write guest blogs. Twitter I believe is going to be massively important and will only get bigger!!! If anyone wants or needs some grass roots advice then please get in touch

Ann Hawkins
Ann Hawkins

Thanks Richard - it would be great to have you on a show to talk some more about this. Its such an important subject and affects so many people. Look forward to finding out more about what you do soon.