Show 66: Social media and psychology

Sam Michel

Social media gets more psychological.

Sam Mitchell of Chinwag ran Social Media Week London for five years. He talks to us about moving on and the development of the conference Chinwag Psych covering psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and more.

The necessity to make our messages stand out and get noticed combined with our ever increasing ability to filter out what we’re not interested in is leading to the use of a complex mix of disciplines. Sam gives a fascinating overview of how these knit together and explains why small businesses have the edge in this fast moving sphere.


These are some of the resources that Sam mentions in the interview:

• Pack A Powerful Punch – How To Write A Killer Headline By Nathalie Nahai
• Neuromarketing Is Bulls**t By Craig Sullivan - amazing collection of tools to ue
• Crowd Emotion - company tracking emotions via webcam
• The Neuroscience of Telling Stories by Sarah Walker
• The Size of the Planning and the Size of the Problem by Benjamin Ellis (his take on planning and the 45-day planning for a corporate tweet)
• Conscious Business - Tomorrow’s Company Today - meetup for creating new, open organisations
• Call to Action by Bryan Eisenberg (an oldie, but a goodie) - the one I mentioned that features micro-persuasion
• Robotics Mission to California (23-27 June) - still a few spaces left, if any robotics or autonomous systems companies are interested
• Idea Management Platform, I mentioned - Spigit, also a UK-competition Wazoku who spoke at Chinwag Psych in 2013.
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