Show 60: Social listening brings huge benefits

Anna Marsden of Social-i-Media Social listening is a skill we all need to learn

Anna Marsden is a Director of Social-i-Media a whole media communications company offering social media training and consultancy, content marketing, public relations, copy-writing and media advocacy. Anna talks to us about the free tools and some premium ones that help us to listen effectively so that we can pick up opportunities, monitor what’s being said about us, our brand, competitors or clients and respond in a timely way to requests for help or information. From Google alerts and Google analytics to hashtags and Hootsuite, Anna shares solid, practical advice that businesses of every type and size will find useful.


Anna has very kindly written a blog post adding lots more details to her interview - read it on the Social-i-Media website.
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  1. […] Where once a potential customer would ask their social group (in the pub, the gym, at the school gate or the dog training class) for recommendations for whatever they were interested in buying, these days they use their social networks – where we can listen using simple tools like Google alerts, and Hootsuite. Find out more about social listening here. […]