Show 10: How do you measure Social Media ROI?

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Can you measure ROI on Social Media?

This hotly debated topic is the subject of this show with star guest Olivier Blanchard, author of ”Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts In Your Organization”   Link:

Olivier explains why ROI needs to be a financial measurement and also explores the idea that social media is not just a part of the marketing function but needs to be part of every department, especially sales.


This topic was so popular on our Google Plus Community that we asked Olivier to come back and do another show - listen to The ROI of Social Media Part Two in Show 14.

Olivier Blanchard
Olivier’s professional experience is a mesh of brand management, marketing communications and business development. He helps companies in the US, Europe and Asia understand how to leverage social media and properly deploy social business capabilities across their organizations.
He is also the author of “Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts In Your Organization”

Olivier holds an International Baccalaureate degree from the International School of Brussels and a BA in Political Science from Furman University. When he isn’t working or hanging out with his family, you can probably find him training for his next triathlon or adventure race.
Specialties:Brand and identity development, consumer and brand insights management, social media program management, product development, product management, community management, business development, marketing strategy, business development, public and media relations, reputation management, market research, copywriting, art direction, corporate and marketing communications management, directing marketing campaigns

You can keep up with Oliviers latest thoughts on his popular BrandBuilder blog and follow him on Twitter @TheBrandBuilder




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Danny Brown
Danny Brown

Hi guys, First, thanks so much for the kind reference to the book - we're super excited to launch in the next couple of weeks (hits bookstores on May 13). We're definitely looking at taking influence beyond social scoring, and back to the Carnegie Principles. Additionally, by the term itself influence "marketing", it should be used as a lead generation and customer acquisition tactic, as well as building on the lifetime value of a customer. Current influence marketing puts the influencer (by today's definitions) at the centre of the marketing circle; this is why so many brands are struggling to get ROI from influence marketing campaigns. Our book addresses this, as well as helps create influence paths and much, much more. :) Love the fact you have Olivier talking about SMROI - super smart guy, and one of the people that aren't sucked in by the "hell, don't use social media to sell" fuzziness that seems to be pervading the social web by the very gurus that Olivier refers to at the start of the interview. Cheers again, good stuff!