Show 57: The 10 Principles of Open Business

Book cover for The Ten Principles of Open Business

Open business is the art of making partners of customers

David Cushman is a world leader in the power of the network and how its impact changes everything. This manifests itself in his work in Open Business - an holistic, strategic framework for delivering the change demanded by a world insisting on ever greater connectedness, openness and meaningful relationships with customers.

Open Business is the art of making partners of customers.

David has been described as one of the world’s finest marketers by E-Consultancy and his blog, is ranked among the UK’s Top 20 Marketing Blogs by He was ranked #3 in PR Week’s Power Players of Social Media.

“Profit becomes a KPI of whether you are delivering on your purpose”

In this interview David shares some examples of companies adopting the principles of open business from Tesco - see their new Core Purpose and Values  - and Giffgaff  and Diet Standards. He explains why all business benefit from moving to this style of  business.

He makes the useful distinction between social business (using social tools and networks)and open business (adopting different behaviour and culture).


“Social Media is a doorway to connect with people not a a way to bang out cheap marketing”

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