Show 18: How Social Media is changing almost everything

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Social media is changing how we manage, how we treat customers and how we treat each other

In this show we talk about the Yahoo/Tumblr effect, the #fbrape campaign,  and how the change in customer service is forcing a change in management techniques.

Peter Shankman  gives some great examples of how companies thrive by using social media to treat customers just 1% better and how this is having an impact on how they treat their employees and causing culture changes in businesses. Peter believes that “cool never trumps revenue”, so his advice is rooted in getting measurable results.


Peter’s book “Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management Is Over-and Collaboration Is In” is available on Amazon and Peter is on Twitter @PeterShankman Read more about Peter 

Peter Shankman

I’m a CEO, who’s sold a few companies to much larger companies. I’m an Angel Investor in several start-up companies, a public speaker, and a consultant to Fortune 100 companies around the globe. I started my career by getting lucky enough to be one of the founders of the AOL Newsroom back in 1995, when AOL was cool.

I run several companies, ventures, and the like. Most popular is HARO, or Help A Reporter Out. Currently the largest source repository in the world for journalists looking for sources, and the largest place in the world for any company or any person to get free shots at PR, Help a Reporter, for free, connects over 1,200 sources per week with journalists looking to quote them. HARO was acquired in June of 2010 by Vocus, Inc.

I’m currently working on an unnamed startup that should massively improve customer service in companies around the world. I’m one of those people who believes that as “cool” as the things you can do with marketing and customer service might be, if you’re using it for your business, and not generating additional revenue with it by creating additional users/buyers/customers, or solving problems with it before it costs you money, then you’re doing it wrong.  Whatever you’re doing, it needs to be about building revenue, as well as your brand, audience, etc.

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