The Growing Importance of Images in Social Media

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Businesses of all types are getting great results from using visual imagery on social networks.

Dirk Singer set up 8Megapixels to share trends, stats, news and commentary about social photography and gives some great insights and surprising results from companies as diverse as General Electric and Burberry and ideas on how other businesses could incorporate and manage photographs in their social media strategy.


Dirk currently heads up the social media agency Rabbit and can be found on Twitter @DirkThe Rabbit. See the presentation from Mary Meeker of @KCPB that Dirk mentions on the show here

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Dirk Singer


I’ve been working in marketing, PR, the media and social media since the dial-up days of the mid 1990s.

During that time I’ve worked with 50+ brands, including some of the world’s biggest Internet companies.

I’ve started two agencies, both of which became agency of the year. This includes my current one Rabbit, which achieved that goal in less than three years.

I’m naturally optimistic, I believe in fairness at work and that if you employ adults you should treat them as adults.

I’m on most social channels as @dirktherabbit 

My current area of interest is the visual web, check out my new site at

Specialties:communications, brand building, PR, web 2.0, social media, Instagram, airline marketing, airport marketing, travel social media

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