iansyst features in Show 7 “Should you Outsource your Social Media?” 

Thanks to Lynette Penney for coming on the show

About iansyst

iansyst was founded in 1983 and is one of the UK’s leading assistive technology (AT) and disability services suppliers. We combine our technological excellence with years of experience in the disability field to source, develop and provide high-quality AT, consultancy and training.

We offer disability solutions for individuals, educational institutions and commercial organisations. We make it our business to provide solutions that harness people’s strengths to enable productivity, independence and achievement.

Lynette Penney

Lynette Penney is the marketing and product development manager at iansyst. She has worked for the organisation for a total of nearly 10 years.

Lynette heads up the marketing activities for iansyst, in which social media is a growing area of interest. Lynette also manages the product innovation team and looks after the new and emerging technologies iansyst produces and resells.

About iansyst Social Media project

The iansyst social media team is a project team working together to grow iansyst’s presence on social media platforms. With staff from every area of the business, we write content, develop ideas and contribute to the ongoing strategy for iansyst’s online voice.

By working as a team, we are ensuring that the content we produce represents all the different types of solutions we provide to individuals and businesses domestically and internationally.

We have been working with Weston Communications since May 2012.  Liz has helped to train a selected group of iansyst staff on the use of social media. Together we developed guidelines, do’s and don’ts, social media plans and the type of messaging we wanted to push out to our audience.

We feel it is important that the messages we convey on our social media platforms come from various voices within iansyst, however Liz is a back-up to our social media team, and will monitor our platforms and alert us to anything we need to be aware of. This is especially helpful out of office hours.
In January, Liz also helped us at an exhibition in doing audio records and interviews for social media. This is not something that the iansyst team would have had time to do at the exhibition. Everything now goes through iansyst before being made public, but having someone who understands the company, how we work and as support to our activities is extremely helpful.






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