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Do you get how to use Twitter for business?

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters.
Registered users can read and post tweets but unregistered users can only read them. It has about 218 million monthly active users ( Oct 2014 )

Savvy Social Media Tips, Tricks and Tools is written by Gabrielle Laine-Peters @GabrielleNYC

Listen to Gabrielle talk about Twitter at the end of Show 39. If you have questions for Gabrielle about how to use Twitter please ask in the comments below! 

Their mission statement:

“The mission we serve as Twitter, Inc. is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers.”

“We started with a simple idea: share what you’re doing, 140 characters at a time. People took that idea and strengthened it by using @names to have public conversations, #hashtags to organize movements, and Retweets to spread news around the world. Twitter represents a service shaped by the people, for the people.”

I think all businesses, professional, brands and services should have a presence on Twitter. Even if you have no intention of using the platform at present. It’s always a good idea to have your name reserved for future use. Complete the bio in full and use the web link to direct to your website, LinkedIn, blog etc. and leave a Tweet telling people where they can find you. You can just use Twitter to monitor whatever interests you. Some just listen and read, it’s a real time information service that you never need to post to.

Twitter can be used across all devices and applications.

* Sign up -  Go to, register and select a screen name. Your new Twitter name will be prefaced with an @ sign. I am @GabrielleNYC

*Complete your Bio in full - You get 160 characters so brevity is key and wit is a winner, show your character.

*Please use a good quality image. (Not fuzzy) It should be an easy way of identifying you, this photo should represent you and/or your brand. Using a logo is OK but please consider the size and format (Link to dimensions below)

This is the place to have a little fun and the background pic is a chance to express yourself. If a business account please don’t cram it with sales text it really does puts people off.

*Post a few tweets (let people see who you are, nobody wants to follow an empty timeline )

Start by following a few people you may already know IRL (in real life) or admire (you can always unfollow them later) Don’t go follow crazy, your feed may get too busy and overwhelm you. I’ve noticed that many people follow “celebrities” brands, publications, news/sport feeds first.

*Be consistent: Tweet regularly, find your own comfort zone. Be consistent on topic, people follow for something specific, if you change up your main subjects of conversation you may scare them away. Successful tweeters usually  stick to a few topics for 80% of their tweets and sprinkle in other interesting gems.

*Variety: Tweet photos, link to good sources, share comment and opinion, have conversations, ask questions.

*Build good Karma by responding to @ mentions, many good conversations start that way.

*Try to only talk about yourself or your product 25% of the time.

*Use your twitter name on your email signature, business cards, website  etc.

 Examples of interesting and fun Twitter bios

Charlie Southwell @charliesaidthat

Head of Digital @FlagshipCons - SEO & Social Media. Cycle, Kayak & Frisbee Do-er. No one reads bios do they? Coffee on me if you Tweet me: Caffeinate me

London, UK ·

Kevin Spacey @KevinSpacey

Former shoe salesman now making a go at film and theatre. Wish me luck… | @TriggerStreet @TriggLA

London - NYC - LA ·

Jason Galbraith @JasonGalbraith_

Is this where you type in something clever ?

Good use by Brands

Arena Flowers @ArenaFlowers

Every time a magician produces a bunch of flowers from nowhere he has actually used a wormhole to steal from a florist. Do not applaud this.

Flowers HQ, United Kingdom ·

Boxman Studios  @boxmanstudios

We Design, Develop and Deploy re-purposed shipping containers for events, trade shows, and the built environment. Just Add People.

The crème brûlée man @cremebruleecart

better living through dessert™

San Francisco ·

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